Bulk Encapsulated Actives

Bulk water soluble, Nanosomal CBD

CBD has a host of beneficial effects such as the alleviation of anxiety, improvement of sleep and relief of minor pain and inflammation. CBD reacts with many receptors in the body, including the primary cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, which is why it can be used for so many ailments. Unfortunately, our bodies struggle to absorb regular CBD oil since it is insoluble in water. Our Nanozomal CBD+ is incorporated into an emulsion making it water soluble and 15 times more absorbable with a faster onset of action than regular CBD oil. Our nanozomal technology thus provides our CBD products with a much greater therapeutic effect. It also makes it miscible with water, and can thus be easily added to any beverage. Nanozomal CBD+ is backed by science and manufactured locally in a laboratory under stringent conditions, using organic compliant broad-spectrum CBD, free of psychoactive THC. Bulk water soluble, nanozomal CBD concentrate is available from our state of the art, first for Africa facility in Milnerton, Cape Town.

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Nanozomal CBD products and formulations as represented here are valid and available for South Africa market only