Gimhae Geneuintech Co.,Ltd developed ‘multifunctional cancer treatment

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to the treatment of both blood cancer and solid cancer, and promoted commercialization with South African companies


A company in Gimhae has developed a cell therapy product (GT516. anti DR4 CAR-TI that can be applied to ‘solid tumors’ beyond the existing cell therapy (CD19 CAR-T), which was applied only to blood cancer. In particular, this treatment can remove cancer cells in a double way, and if it succeeds in clinical trials, it is expected to make a breakthrough in cancer treatment in the future. CAR-T therapy is a new concept of anticancer drug that combines immune ‘T cells’ and ‘gene manipulation’ technologies. Gimhae Biomedical & Industry Promotion Agency announced on the 12th that Geneuintech Co.,Ltd. signed a MOU with South Africa’s ‘Afrigen Biologics & Vaccines’ in September related to CAR-T technology for anti-cancer cell therapy. The main content of the agreement is to jointly carry out and commercialize the technologies and procedures necessary for the launch of new drugs, such as clinical trials for human subjects of therapeutics developed by Geneuintech Co.,Ltd. The treatment can be launched as soon as it passes a “phase 2 clinical trial” to test its “efficacy.”

Existing cell therapies have already been developed and marketed by many global pharmaceutical companies, but they are limited to blood cancer and are expensive enough to apply. However, the new cell therapy product developed by Geneuintech Co.,Ltd. uses genes involved in the death of existing cancer cells, and can strongly remove cancer cells by sending cancer cell suicide signals at the same time as cancer cell death with CAR-T cells. In particular, it can be applied to the treatment of blood cancers such as leukemia, as well as the treatment of solid cancers such as liver cancer and lung cancer. This technology has even been patented in the United States and Europe. Geneuintech Co.,Ltd. was founded as a start-up company in 2015 at lnje University College of Pharmacy. In 2021, Afrigen was selected as the host of the mRNA Technology Transfer Hub (Consortium) program. A type of vaccine developed by Afrigen using genetic information transfer proteins. It also plays a key role in global projects to supply mRNA vaccines to low- and middle-income countries in Africa. Currently, Afrigen is accelerating the preparation of production facilities for the commercialization of CAR-T technology of Geneuintech Co.,Ltd. Park Joon-un


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