Specialized equipment commonly used in the vaccine formulation industry is housed at our R&D laboratories in Cape Town. Afrigen’s scientific staff are available to assist with instrument operation and protocol development. Accurate, reliable and timeous results, performed in accordance with GLP principles will be provided.

Analytical Services


  • Thermo Scientific Dionex Ultimate 3000

  • UV and Corona aerosol detectors

  • Sensitive and universal detection

  • Measure a wide range of analytes in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biomolecules, foods and beverages, specialty chemicals and polymers


 Particle size

  • Malvern Zetasizer Nano S

  • Measure particle size, distribution and polydispersity


  • Wescor Vapro Pressure Osmometer

  • Determine the osmolality in any sample


Downstream Processing Services

High Sheer Mixing

  • Silverson Laboratory Mixer Model L5M-A

  • Nominal speed 8000rpm

  High Pressure Homogenization

  • M-110P Microfluidizer™ Materials Processor

  • Liposomes, nanoparticles, nano-emulsions and nano-encapsulation

Centrifugal rotarvap

  • GENEVAC ez-2

  • Rotovap and speedivac function, organic solvents up to 120°C

  • 2 mL tubes, 3-7 mL glass vials, 500 mL round-bottom flasks



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