Afrigen Biologics and Vaccines is a Cape Town based start-up venture funded by the  Industrial Development Corporation  (IDC) of South Africa and the Infectious Diseases Research Institute (IDRI) in Seattle. It was founded in 2014 by Steven G. Reed (PhD) and Erik Iverson (JD, LLM). Afrigen drives a business strategy focussing on the development and production of vaccines, initially for TB and HIV, as well as biologics and adjuvants to address unmet healthcare needs.

Through international partnerships and local capacity building, Afrigen is creating a centre of excellence for innovation and establishing the first ever adjuvant production and formulation technology centre on the African continent. This centre focuses on new generation, host-directed vaccines, which are not only geared at preventing disease, but have therapeutic value. These vaccines would not be possible without adjuvants, which give next generation vaccines new potency and durability. Adjuvants are used in most vaccines and are relevant for human and veterinary products.

IDRI is a world leader in adjuvant development and has developed multiple adjuvant formulations. These formulation technologies are being transferred to Afrigen for production aimed at local and export markets.

We are dedicated to local innovation, formulation and bio-manufacturing to produce a portfolio of biologics, vaccines and adjuvants that address global unmet needs.

We will be a top provider of essential therapeutics globally by 2025

Our Facilities

Afrigen’s central office and laboratories are based at the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) Medicina Campus in Cape Town. Three research and development laboratories, furnished with specialised equipment for formulation, downstream processing and quality analytical capabilities, are conveniently situated near the Biomedical Research and Innovation Platform (BRIP) of the SAMRC. The laboratories are currently being set-up according to GLP principles and will seek GLP accreditation within a three to five-year period.

Our Team